How to use email brochure creator

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1. Creat your email brochure

Develop your email brochure with your own styles and graphics using photoshop or something , Slice it and export that brochure to HTML (save as HTML Page) . You can apply CSS in your Email brochure but make sure that all CSS are available in the same page.


2. Copy your email brochure to Email Brochure Creator

Click on Add New in Top left of your Email Brochure Creator, an open dialog box will appear , select the emal brochure designed by you,


3. Edit your email brochure 

If you want you can edit your html for fine tune in the Email Brochure Creator

4. Write  down  or copy – paste  your clients email ids in the To address box   ,    seperate the email ids with a comma ( ,  ) .


For any help,  call me at 9447473977 or mail me at



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Email brochure creator – Help

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Email brochure request you to configure your machine’s smtp server before you start  using this software

1. How to configure Windows SMTP server. 

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
  3. Find Internet Information Services in the list and check. DO NOT uncheck any other options that are already installed.
  4. Double click IIS and ensure that SMTP is checked, click OK.
  5. Click next and follow the prompts.

Some of the buttons and settings found in the IIS properties window are ignored in this tutorial. They are not important to this initial configuration. Please refer to Microsoft Help for further details.

Once IIS is installed:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services.
  2. Expand the directory tree until the Default SMTP Virtual Server is listed.
  3. Highlight it, and click the Properties Icon in the toolbar, or right mouse click and click properties to open the properties window.

Even though there are five tabs, only the General and Access tabs are discussed here.

General tab 
The properties window opens to the General tab, the default IP address says “all unassigned.” This is where the IP address for SMTP server is specified.

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Click Add
  3. Select the IP address for this computer, it is likely the only one listed
  4. Click OK.

Access tab 
The Access tab is where authentication procedures are enabled, which ensure that the SMTP server is not listed as an Open Relay.

  1. Click the Relay button
  2. Ensure “Only the list below” is checked
  3. Click Add
  4. Ensure “Single computer” is checked and add the IP for the Email Marketing Director computer, even if it is the same computer on which the SMTP will reside
  5. Ensure the IP is now listed and that Access status is Granted
  6. Click OK.

Once the properties are configured, start the IIS SMTP server. In the IIS service manager, highlight the Default SMTP Virtual Server and click the Play button in the toolbar, or right mouse click and click start. If it starts, the server is working and will accept email messages from the program. If it doesn’t, something else may already be using or blocking port 25 (pls dont change this port from 25 , if you are having problem with port 25 call 9447473977 ) .

Open port 25
To determine if the port is already in use, open a command prompt and type “nestat -ano” and enter. This displays all the ports in use and the process ID of what is listening. Note the process ID (PID) and then open the task manager on the problem computer. Match the PID with the executable tied to that port. If the process is not obvious, simply enter it into a search engine online to find out more about it. Some typical applications might be the Windows security manager, another SMTP server, or an anti-virus program. Get with a network administrator to assist with freeing up the port, or assigning a different port that might be available.


If you are having a remote SMTP server running , pls enter the name in the settings page of Email Brouchure Creator 

Thank  you 

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Android HTC Desire restarts randomly

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htc desire


I had a problem with  my android phone for last one week that it restarts with out any reason .  I searched the net and hardly found any topic. One of my friends told me to try chnaging the network mode of the phone  to GSM Only , earlier it was GSM/CDMA Auto . I changed it and it never restarts anymore .

If u are having similar problem try this :-

goto Settings ->  Wireless & Networks ->  Mobile Networks ->  change  Network Mode to  GSM Only

ട്രൈ ചെയ് ഇതു വര്‍ക്ക്‌  ചെയും…….

Godess of small things !

July 27, 2010 5 comments

My grand mother was going through a major     operation on her leg bones last day. Even if the operation is minor,her health
conditions and age made it major and complex.
She is a charming women who always wanted to be happy with all the family members , preparing good foods, and alwaysing
waiting  for the christmas day. What ever happens in her life she takes it as simple as it is .

I have never seen her gloomy or sad. May be this is why she is so much loved by her children and grand children. She always tells me to laugh out loud when u have a failure. She always care about the simple things in our life . For instance : when I am going for an Exam , everyone ask weather i have taken the hall tickets , pencil and all , but I always find her asking about things like a water bottle. We had an old big Aanjili tree in our home , for some money needs our grandfather once planned to Cut the tree , I remember her protesting that strongly just because of a small reason – a bird and its small children was nested on the tree.

When my school issued progress report , I was one among a few students having successfully failed on all the subjects . when I asked my uncle to get it signed , he fired me and ask me to get the hell out of his place . But she would be there always telling me that she trust me and she had great expectations still about me.

Now I have become a software engineer , she never asked me about the salary or any such material things rather she would like to know If I can go church everyday.

She has become very old , a lot of wringles at her beautiful face , but anyone can easily figure out the brightness of her eyes. She has her left leg fractured , and after the surgery she is kept alive by the ventilator. Its quit difficult for a person with this much health complexities and age to recover from the ventilator , but she has done that , Only because of her great passion for this life. She loves this life very much , she never dont want to leave this wonderful place, and we dont want to leave her too.

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The Life is like a lovely Adventerous romantic thriller movie..

July 15, 2010 3 comments

I don’t know , why I put the title like this , but after finishing the blog , automatically this title came in  my mind

It was when I  got my first Job as a Software developer at a small firm at cochin.It was really awesome when i

got the appointment letter , I quit my old job with a huge party at NIIT ,I was actually very proud to join as a programmer as every one had dreamt .

But as soon as I started going my new office , I could find all the dreams and happiness of life is fast fading because of the tyrannous atmosphere and culture of the new office . I have been lived  a life of  care and happiness all the time in my life , so it was really hard to make this transformation to a new and vulgar system .

My project leader was a cute guy , younger  than me , but I could feel that our wavelengths do not match each other . He behaved like  , he already had a rivalry with me for years . I was trying to make him happy with all my deeds- but ended up in great flops .

Days moved fast , and the office had become a hell to me , even I  couldnt sleep or eat or smile becuase of the  side  effect  of  office . I can still feel the deadly chilled A/c cabin of the managing director , where employees had been tortured for nothing.

Every day there was a status meeting , where the Managing Director tease his staffs. Almost all the day lot of fire came into me . I was really in trouble then , I Couldn’t lose my job . And one other ridiculouse thing is that , I  was appointed there as a monthly salary of 6K – but i did’nt not get even a penny
as salary in this 3 months of job. The management said that I was really slow in job and this extra time had been deducted from my salary , and I got two Memos for misbehavior , and I broke 3 tea cups .

At last , I hited the Project leads face and  police arrested me , and my life’s worst days had ended  successfully. 🙂

But God almighty was really great , he had something great for me to give . I got a new job at another software firm , where I could find exact opposite flavour of that old office . I worked there 2 years , It was a place like heaven , I learned lot , got much experiences  , partys , romance what ever I  missed in my old days came back in this two years .

So what I am trying to say is – u will be having miserable days in life , worst and deadly  but after that for sure you will reach your beatiful days . Life  wont be same always , its a mixture of sorrows and happines for everyone in this world , and its like a lovely Adventurous  romantic thriller movie….

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